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Real Talk

Jordan Sondler

We’re excited to kick off the new year with illustrator and author Jordan Sondler. We visited Jordan at her charming apartment in Brooklyn - that she shares with her adorable Pomeranian Ramona - to chat about her first book Feel It Out: The Guide to Getting in Touch with Your Goals, Your Relationships, and Yourself. Jordan often dishes helpful self-love advice to her Instagram followers (you should follow along), and her new book is full of nuggets of wisdom. Enjoy this sneak peek into her creative process. 

We are so impressed by all of the high profile illustration projects you’ve done -- from Urban Outfitters and Minted to the self-care billboards around New York. Can you tell us about your career and how you got to where you are today?

I started down my path in illustration at an art school in Baltimore, but I always had my sights set on New York. After school I made the pilgrimage to the city and hit the ground running. I was balancing administrative jobs on top of freelance until I started to feel like I was holding myself back from my long-term goals. The transition to a full-time freelance career and supporting myself with my art was scary (and sometimes still is), but it gets better and better each year. 

We loved visiting your very cool apartment in Brooklyn. What are the best parts about being a creative entrepreneur in the city? 

I have been in the city for just under 8 years—and truly, it feels like a lifetime. I love that so many things are constantly transpiring, but if you choose to curl up at home on the couch for the night—it will all be happening tomorrow. 

What has been your most favorite design project to date? 

A fan favorite is my line of city maps available through Minted! They come in all sizes and colors, and we are currently expanding the collection.

Mug in charcoal navy

Congrats on publishing your first book! We can’t wait to dive into Feel It Out. Can you tell us about taking on your first book project and what the process was like?

Thank you! Feel It Out was the most challenging project I’ve tackled to date. It’s a coming-of-age book for adults focusing on mental health. The idea was born out of the process of rediscovering myself and my needs after a breakup. The writing process has been equal parts cathartic and anxiety-inducing! I’m hoping this book can inspire a lot of folks. 

What are the best and most challenging parts about working for yourself? 

The best part of working for myself is total autonomy. Even when I am dreadfully unhappy with the circumstances of my workload or the trajectory of my career, I know that I can make a change. Even on the worst days, I remind myself that I get to pursue my passion for a living, and that’s not nothing. The one thing I’m constantly grappling with is how my career and my identity are so intertwined.

Dinner plate in white

Now for a few fun questions…

Go-to at-home meal?

Pasta in many forms, matzoh ball soup with squash when it gets really cold, and this Gwyneth Paltrow salad recipe.

Favorite local takeout spot for dinner?

Roberta’s Pizza in Brooklyn is usually on repeat for me. Those garlic knots.

Favorite binge-worthy TV show or podcast:

Right now it’s Dollface!

Favorite thing about your Brooklyn apartment?

My kitchen table. It serves as the perfect work-from-home desk, and doubles as a surface for six-person dinner parties.

How do you fuel your creativity? 

Honestly, these days I find most inspiration around my home. I have a little reading nook with an assortment of children’s books and gift items that I love to pour over. Looking at the work of creatives—present and past—inspires and motivates me.

Favorite Rigby piece?

I love the tall drinking glasses, they are such a staple! 


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