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about us

We’re glad you found us! Chances are, your journey is a bit like ours. We were ready for a tableware upgrade, but after months of searching, couldn’t find something we loved that also felt authentic to our daily life. Our lives are about balance, not about perfection. We aren’t looking to Instagram our dinners -- we’re just trying to feed ourselves in the midst of everything else on our to-do list. What's important to us is quality craftsmanship that lasts and timeless, modern design.


Our Tableware

Rigby design process

When we couldn’t find tableware that met our standards, we decided to take action. We started with the design process focusing on a limited assortment of products that you use every day. We prioritized the real needs of daily life to inform the design, carefully considering the shape and scale of each item, how they feel in your hand, and how different colors could easily be mixed and matched. Once our designs were finalized, we found three small factories in Europe to turn them into a reality. Our factories ensure premium workmanship and employ professional craftspeople who use techniques that have been passed down for generations. The quality of our final product is something you can both see and feel. We know you won’t be disappointed.


Our Story

Sara Kelly - Founder of RigbyRigby is based in Houston, Texas and was founded by Sara Kelly. It all started with a vacation to a seaside town in Europe when she purchased six ceramic plates. These plates became treasured pieces that always made her feel a bit happier when eating a meal at home. When she started searching for more dishware that was functional, aesthetically pleasing, and affordable, she couldn’t find anything that she loved. On top of that, as a single professional she felt disconnected from an industry focused on wedding registries and unrealistic entertaining. After realizing that her friends felt the same way, she saw an opportunity to start a business that combined her love of tableware with her professional experience in product development and marketing. Her hope is that Rigby will add a bit of delight to your everyday and make you feel at home, wherever you are in life.