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Real Talk

4 Super Easy Pasta Recipes

During the past few weeks of isolation we have been more thankful than ever to social media for keeping us connected with all of you. We have especially loved seeing everyone’s at-home recipes. These days we’re seeking comfort in the kitchen, which means that pasta is frequently on our dinner rotation. We wanted to share four easy, delicious pasta recipes from the Rigby community. These dishes are ideal for solo meals, minimal clean up, and tasty leftovers. And in our opinion, they taste even better in our pasta bowlsRead on below and be sure to share your cooking-at-home adventures with us using #rigbyourself.

 Creamy Pasta with Crispy Mushrooms from Bon Appetit (as made by @makelly08)

What is there not to love about creamy pasta + crispy mushrooms? In our opinion, this recipe is the ultimate comfort food. Get the recipe. 


New York Times Kale-Sauce Pasta (as made by @kathrynwhumphries)

You can likely make this recipe from things already in your pantry. Because the sauce is made with kale, we consider this “healthy pasta”. It’s basically a salad with a side of pasta…and a lot of cheese. It’s super tasty, plus how cool is that bright green color? Get the recipe.



Alex Reichek’s (@chekmarkeats) Easy Miso Ramen

Start with Nona Lim bone broth bowls that heat in 3 minutes and then add rotisserie chicken (store bought to make this as simple as possible), a soft boiled egg, scallions and mushrooms. Easy enough! 




New York Times by way of Jamie Oliver Creamy Pasta with Smoked Bacon and Peas (as made by @_thegrandapt)


This 15 minute recipe is recommended with small pasta - like shells or orecchiette - and will satisfy all of your comfort cravings with its simple ingredient list including bacon, cream, and parmesan cheese. Get the recipe.


Enjoy making these recipes at home! Recommended pairing: our stoneware pasta bowl set.

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